with Orchestra



Tchaikovsky. Piano concertos in original unabridged

(inclusive materials for orchestra):


No.1 in b-minor

No.2 in G-major

No. 3 in E flat in three movements!

Fantasy "Hungarian Gypsy Melodies" 1992


Taneev. Piano Concerto in E-flat major (1876)


Grieg. Piano Concerto in A-minor op.16


Mussorgsky-Kandinsky. "Pictures at an Exhibition": multimedia version for piano and orchestra; images and color light score of Vassily Kandinsky rediscovered by Andrej Hoteev. Visual Directing is from Andrej Hoteev.


Scriabin. Prometheus: The Poem of Fire for piano and orchestra, choir, orgel and "Luce".

Multimedia version: the authentic colour light score with Scriabin's intended Luce rediscovered by Andrej Hoteev.

Visuelle Directing is from Andrej Hoteev.

Dmitry Bortniansky.Sinfonie Concertante

for pianoforte and Chamber Orchestra . in B-flat major (1790)

Janacek. Concertino for Piano & Chamber Orchestra 1925


Viktor Suslin. Piano concerto - World Premiere


Ustvolskaja. Piano Concerto (1946)


Gubaidulina. Piano Concerto "Introitus"(1978)


Arvo Pärt. "Lamentate". For piano and orchestra, (inspired by the sculpture Marsyas by Anish Kapoor, 2002)


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